Sunday, October 04, 2009

Billie Cassin Part 2

This post concludes our deconstruction of the 50 page one-shot publication, The True Story of Joan Crawford. There are many more pictures than presented in the two posts, including three pages showing her home and many images with Doug. There is also enough text to qualify as a novelette, but hopefully you can see we are given a pretty in depth (through a publicist's eye) look at Billie from birth through her first successes. I wonder if the publication paid the studio (MGM) for the opportunity to sell magazines, or if the studio paid Dell to push their up and coming new star. Either way, for ten cents, readers and fans got their money's worth.

Click on the images for a larger view.

Just like the caption says.

Decided to show the inside cover ads. The publisher wants you to know about these fine monthly publications and hopes you will pick up copies at your newsstand.

Oh you kids.

Are the casually strewn shoes supposed to make us think this was grab shot - nice try.

I think the image on the right is one of her best from the early days.

Ah- the modern girl, 1930's style.

Blushing Bride indeed.

These images run across the top and bottom of a two page spread.

One of the many photos of the happy couple.

Above are the last two images in The True Story of Joan Crawford.

This is the closing text.

Home decorations, books, plays and developments in the world of art have overtaken jazz philosophies as subjects of conversation that interests her. She has an avid eagerness to learn. She is particularly keen about period furniture and is constantly buying pieces which appeal to her because of their beauty.

She believes that the Spanish background of Cielito Lindo is charming, but they are planning to build new home in the spring.

Standing in the doorway, one summer afternoon, her slim figure outlined in a smart blue-knitted sweater ensemble, her reddish-brown hair free from her face, Joan looked out on the garden of her home. "I don't know why I should ever want to leave here," she remarked with a gentle smile about her mouth. "I've been so wholly, so gloriously happy.

And there could be no doubt in the eyes of the beholder that the uneven, turbulent music of the early days of Joan Crawford's life had settled into a sane, tranquil refrain of happiness.

Billie Cassin had come into her own!


Back cover - They had to have one bought and paid for ad. Could "Jo" be referring to Joan - did she have a little side business?


artistvermont said...

WOW this is some spread on Joan Crawford! If you didn't tell me I wouldn't recognize her in some photos. I certainly never visualized her as "Venus"!! She changed a lot over the years. I never considered her as Alluring but your post puts her there.

Lolita of the Classics said...

Thanks for posting these amazing photos!

Feta said...

"Making hey-hey in the moonshine" is now my new favorite saying ever.

Anonymous said...

More on Joan here:

Jim said...

I love Joan Crawford. The pictures are great.